[ CN Change] – CN staff User plus accounts and Admin accounts



Internal CN staff user plus accounts will go away / be “merged” with the account you use to log into NWS-term4.


January 8th 2016


1 less account to use

Reduced confusion

Better for the backend systems to have 1 administrator type account for computer privilege escalation and communication to systems like Active Directory, BitLocker, SCCM, etc.

Impact to you / what to do

Starting today, Tuesday December 29th, 2015 – Log in with your “admin”/NWS-term4 account for anything that needs escalated privileges, either on the computer or a network/server resource.

The format of the username for the “admin” account is first initial of first name, then first 7 of last name.

  • Example – Joe Smith = jsmith

Encounter problems?

If you encounter problems accessing resources with your “admin” account, please e-mail/contact server support (ssg@helpdesk.oregonstate.edu) with the following information.

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Resource you are accessing
  4. Specific error message

Call Center Digest – 12/22/2015

I haven’t done a digest for a long time, so this one has a lot of info in it. Sorry for the lengthy update. On the other hand, it goes to show we have been very busy this past month.

RoboBaseLead Lives!

In case you were wondering, Max C. is alive and well and recovering. Don’t let him work, though!

Upcoming Changes
12/28/2015 @ 6AM – BeaverPrint upgrade; brief down-time during upgrade, but no user impact expected afterward. Change log of new features available here.
12/31-1/4 – CAPS will be moving to new offices and to the new core network. Jon Dowd and Max Schmidt will be on-site.
1/1/2016 – OSU Library Worldcat and FirstSearch will be migrating to OCLC’s new Discovery Platform (seeTraining info here).
1/8 -1/26/2016 – PeopleAdmin (OSU’s online hiring system) will be upgraded. No new recruitments can be started during this two week period. Questions? Business Center.
12/28/2016 – The old ONID SSO service will be retired. Identity & Access Management (IAM) worked with CWS and ECampus to set the timeline for this change. Please note this change is 1 year from now.

Unification Project

 1/6/2016 –  We will be doing a few more CN account unifications.
12/2 – 0369701 (16 tickets)
12/9 – 0371338 (25 tickets)
12/16 – 0372849 (42 tickets)
12/21 – 0373476 (3 tickets)

Recent Outages/Incidents

12/9 – Bad MS patch broke Outlook 2010. (0370956).
12/9-12/15 – Outlook Web Access (OWA) search was failing for users on some mail stores. Resolved.
12/10-12/17 – Several printers around campus printed gibberish on entire reams of paper; probably an exploit. Setting ACLs on printers should resolve.
12/17 3:45PM-6:00PM – Kaltura video playback not working from OSU network. Cause unknown, but likely an upstream issue. If this happens again, please collect info and escalate to NOC queue.
12/18 – Many Ecampus students were reporting issues getting in to MyOSU to register for classes. ECampus had some links promoting the MyOSU method, which often breaks for people off-campus. They have updated those links to point to InfOSU, and we have not received any more calls about this.

Recent Changes
12/7 – The Microsoft Home Use Program code was updated; the new code is in the COHO canned response.
12/12 – All Macs in Milne lab were re-imaged as OSX only (no more Bootcamp).
12/15 – ONID CAS Single-sign on modified; no issues reported.
12/15 – College of Engineering unified all of their accounts, including students. COE students now login to COE resources with their ONID account.
12/17 – Shibboleth SSO upgraded; no issues reported.
12/17 – COHO Server maintenance; no issues.
12/19 – Wireless controller upgrades; no issues reported.
12/19 – Name (DNS) server maintenance; no issues reported.
12/19 – Federation.oregonstate.edu (ADFS) upgrade. (This is the login page for Office 365.) People might notice a “Kumo” option the first time they access the page.
12/22 @ 6AM – KAdmNet201 old core router maintenance; no issues reported.

Policy/Procedure Updates

Screen Connect Best Practices: please have customers connect with a code (ideally their username) to prevent other customers accidentally booting the connection. New Screen Connect documentation here: http://itknows.oregonstate.edu/?p=2742http://itknows.oregonstate.edu/?p=2742  (Thank you, Jade!)

Some Random News
NERO (one of our upstream providers) recently joined Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), which allows NERO to peer directly with several sites including Akamai, Google, Netflix and others.

Unifications tonight

The following folks are scheduled to be unified this evening:

Academic Success Center
Coffey, Marjorie
Fritz, Tiffany
Hagel, Katelyn
Kincanon, Kerry
Kobel, Janine
Lautenbach, Anika
Nelson, Jesse
Norek, Sarah
Prindiville, Mary (prindivm –> phelpsm)
Samai, Jenesis

Anderson, Marc (andersom –> anderric)
Wells, Derek

Team Oregon
Garets, Steve

Calascibetta, Caitlin
Frye, Laura

Dimick, Viki
VanArsdale, Linda

Diggs, Helen
Taylor, Bonnie

Vawter, Blake

Faculty Senate
Nunnemaker, Vickie L

Center for the Humanities
Futrell, Joy
Madar, Wendy


Yesterday Business Affairs was moved to the new core network.

Cyder/IP change
All workstations and printers…
Moved from: zone.baf ( –
Moved to: zone.cn_univadmin ( –

Printer change
Old IP printers were removed from workstations and replaced with new print queues:

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-Back-Ricoh-MP-3351
Printer IP:
Printer driver: PCL6 Universal v4.6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 Back Ricoh MP 3351

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-Front-Ricoh-MP-3351
Printer IP:
Printer driver: PCL6 Universal v4.6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 Front Ricoh MP 3351

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-Color-LaserJet-M451DN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: Model-specific PCL6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP Color LaserJet M451DN

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-Color-LaserJet-M452DN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: Model-specific PCL6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP Color LaserJet M452DN

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-LaserJet-9050DN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP LaserJet 9050DN

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-LaserJet-M401DNE
Printer IP:
Printer driver: Model-specific PCL6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP LaserJet M401DNE

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-LaserJet-M602N
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP LaserJet M602N

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-LaserJet-P2015N
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP LaserJet P2015N

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-HP-LaserJet-P3015DN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 HP LaserJet P3015DN

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-100-Ricoh-MP-201
Printer IP:
Printer driver: PCL6 Universal v4.6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 100 Ricoh MP 201

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-106-HP-LaserJet-2430TN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 106 HP LaserJet 2430TN

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-106-HP-LaserJet-4250TN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 106 HP LaserJet 4250TN

ONID GPO: TSS – Printer Deployment – Business Affairs
TSS GPO: Printer Deployment – Business Affairs

Resolved Issues

  • Upon arrival, 51 of 76 hosts were able to get online, the remainder have been resolved.
  • Michael Green’s port was documented but didn’t get flipped and was first to get resolved through Telecom.
  • A number of misconfigured ports were addressed with Telecom.
  • 8 printers weren’t online and were resolved by either rebooting, fixing network ports, or reconfiguring printers (switching from BOOTP to DHCP).
  • Various adjustments were made to user permissions on printers.
  • The TSS printer deployment GPO was initially pulled since users had unified accounts but we discovered some general-use and regular users who hadn’t been unified so the GPO was reinstated.
  • The whereabouts of the Ricoh 201 was unknown until after the migration and was reinstated via Group Policy for the folks that use it.
  • Jon Bickler had a hard-coded IP and was set back to DHCP.
  • CN-Lites had to be moved in Cyder. Additionally, the HP 4250 they print to had to be updated on cnlite1 & 2. Finally, cnlite1 & 2 had to be added to the firewall to allow printing.
  • Folks who RDP into ECSI were unable to print to their new print queues. One of the employees identified a workaround.
  • Connectivity to the security cams in the Cashier’s Office broke, Rich Giesige resolved this by updating some firewall rules.

Unresolved Issues

  • Max Schmidt is verifying printing from CN-Lite.
  • More details needs to be gathered about the workaround for ECSI printing.

Account Unifications 12-16

The following users are being unified the evening of 12-16

Diversity & Cultural Engagement
Archer, Whitney
Davis-White Eyes, Allison (davisa –> daviswha)
Harris, Maleah (harrism –> harrimal)
Martinez, Charlene (martinec –> martinch)
Montemayor, Oscar (montemay –> montemao)
Salvador Miramontes Jr. (miramontess –> miramons)

Deschutes Extension
Creach, Shelly (creachs –> creachsh)
Detweiler, Amy Jo (detweila –> waldowam)
Griffiths, Kimberly (griffiki –> griffthk)
Mansur, Reaza
Martin, Dana (martind –> martidan)
Smith, Carrie
Stephan, Toni
Stephens, Diana
Strong, Nicole
White, David (whited –> whited2)

Arteaga, Paige
Bales, Kelley
Brueck, Scott
Buckley, Noah
Carda, Elaine (cardae –> rowlanel)
Chiddick, Kaleena (chiddick –> tuffok)
Dahlem, Judy
Friedt, Carla
Galbreath, Alexandra (galbreaa –> galbreal)
Hammar, Barbara
Horlacher, Rebecca
Hough, Joshua
Hutchinson, Amanda (hutchina –> priceam)
Jansen, Michael (jansenm –> jansenmi)
Lara, Angelic
Larse, Jarrod
Lemmons, Jessie
Nakada, Christina
Norris, Rebecca
Northcutt, Linnea
Ogawa, Matthew (ogawam –> ogawama)
Pjesky-Rempfer, Kelly
Rau, Erin
Reynolds, Mickey (reynoldm –> reynmick)
Shewman, Melea
Slack, Jenique
Strohmeyer, Justin
Weber, Carmin (weberca –> webecarm)
Wofford, Heather

Academic Technologies
O’Leary, Hannah

Financial Aid
Arnold, Collyn
Brady-Glassman, Patti
DeGhetto, Lois
Emmons, Lori
Evans, Donna
Gagnon, Amy (gagnona –> kernam)
Hayes, Kathleen (hayeska –> hayeskat)
Hultgren, Brian
Jones, Christy (jonesc –> bradyc)
Kaplan, Regan
Lind, Kirk
Logan, Jacob
Lynam, Michele
Pastre, Nicolette
Severs, Doug
Smith, Cassie
Stickle, Cynthia (sticklc –> sticklec)
Vanblokland, Julie
Williams, Bobbi

Transportation Services
Dier, David
Fedak, Fred (fredf –> fedakf)
Fleming, Justin (flemingj –> fleminju)
Fordham, Teresa (fordhamt –> lampmant)
Kurtze, Amy
Lunsford, Cash (lunsforc –> lunsforz)
Mcquade, Ron (ronm –> mcquader)
Piercy, Chuck

Ahmad, Chandon
Austin, Edwin
Birky, Edith
Biwan, Paul
Blake, David
Brown, Whitney
Campbell, Scott (campbels –> campbeti)
Chastain, Donna
Culley, Erin
Dalziel, Jessica
Frost, Erin (frosteri –> rosser)
Greiber, Daniel
Heather Riney (rineyh –> johnheat)
Larkin, Leigh
Magis, Kristen
Melton, Heidi
Newcombe, Elizabeth
Noble, Amanda (noblea –> nobleam)
Nye, Linda
Sabedra, Roshni
Sather, Linda
Schaaf, Christina
Short, Jennifer (shortj –> shortjen)
Sim, Robbin
Spaulding, Michele
Therrien, Jillian
Yee, Tracey
Young, Patricia (youngp –> youngpa)

Adams, Linda (adamsli –> adamslin)
Ahmad, Chandon
Arredondo, Aracely
Ash, Maria (ashm –> davilaam)
Barnes, David
Casselberry, JoAnn (casseljo –> casselbj)
Church, Adam
Dalton, Laura
Dark, Taimi
DeVoe, John
Fekkers, Wendy
Feres-Johnson, Celia
Flynn, Christina (flynnc –> flynnch)
Gillis, Tiffany
Goforth, Peggy
Haddock, Jared
Hammond, Heidi (hammonh –> hammondh)
Harryman, Christen (oienc –> harrymac)
Holcomb, Rhonda
Kroshus, Ginny
Lopez, Michelle
Melton, Shane (meltons –> meltonsh)
Montgomery, Penny
Mozuch, Kristen
Roberts, Pam (robertsp –> roberpam)
Rutland, LeAnne
Shriver, Caroline
Steeg, Shawna
Wade, Meredith
Wendler, Dee

Alexis, Cindy (alexisci –> alexisc)
Au, Edward (aued –> edward)
Bloomer, Sherman
Cholewinski, Karren
Cook, Terri (cookt –> cookte)
Hansen, Michael (hansenmi –> hansemic)
Lindsley, Diana (lindsled –> lindsldi)
Meador, Karen (meadork –> meadorka)
Merth, Jeffrey
Moreland, Julius

Enrollment Management
Bereskin, Bill (bereskib –> bereskiw)
Bristol, Tracie
Crouch, Daniel
Kear, Krystal
Trujillo, Hector
Wessel, Ben

Aduviri, Amas
Davila-Klautzsch, Amy
Garcia, Courtney (garciac –> tochc)
Greg Contreras
Jones, Elizabeth
Mali, Urmila
McAloney, Kim
Nishihara, Janet
Onaka, Michelle
Rains, Shalece

Team Oregon
Bateman, Dan (batemand –> batemada)
Bond, Cheryl
Hahn, Pat
McCormick, Rhonda
Minu-Sepehr, Aria
Patterson, Crystal (pattersc –> vandetcr)
Schrock, Tami
Tracy, Sara
Weedmark, Christine
Wong, Megan
Young, Lauren (youngl –> youngla)

Andrews, Heather (andrewsh –> andrewhe)
Andrews, Nick (andrewsn –> andrewni)
Egli, Jan
Hughes, Shelley (hughess –> hughessh)
Jones, Patrick
Koskela, Gina
Kowalski, Judy
Landgren, Chal
Lewis, Geoffrey (lewisg –> lewisge)
Noordijk, Heidi
Rosetta, Robin
Santamaria, Luisa
Sturman, Peter
Uribe, Gilbert (uribeg –> uribevag)
Yang, Wei Qiang (yangw –> yangwei)

Bouse, Ilea
Einhorn, Todd
Gibeaut, David
Li, Caixia (lic –> lica)
Rojas, Juan (rojasj –> rojasju)
Shearer, Peter
Voigt, Sonia (hogbergs –> hogbergb)
Wang, Yan (wangya –> wangy2)

Career Services
Abbott, Joanna (abbottjo –> abbotjoa)
Allison, Wendy
Erickson, Leslye (ericksol –> ericksle)
Finch, Rachel (finchr –> sauterra)
Killefer, Carolyn
Laine, Crystal (lainecry –> lainec)
McDonald, Michael
Riccolo, Jenna
Richardson, Talley
Robinson, Jenna
Wu, Claire (wuc –> wutz)

Bodman, Susannah
Borberg, Jenna
Egna, Hillary
Ensminger, Cole
Evans, Ford (evansf –> evanssan)
Goetting, Kathryn
Heublein, Patty
Price, Caleb (pricec –> priceca)
Schrodt, Claire (schrodtc –> schrodtd)

Ball, Courtney
Bickel, Kathy
Clarke, Britta (clarkebr –> clarkeb)
Edwards, Jennifer (edwardje –> edwardj4)
Fenstermaker, Matt
Flores, Suzanne (floress –> floressu)
Hayes, Richelle
Howard, Kelly
Kasten, Christi (kastenc –> kastench)
Keaton, Leslie
Kerosky, Aaron
Kinkley, Ann
Mathews, Mike (mathewsm –> mathemik)
McBride, Angela
McDowell, Erika
McKensey, Janet (mckenseyj –> mckensej)
Miller, Kevin (millerk –> millkevi)
Pribyl, Laura
Rucker, Michelle
Sanders, Kate (sandersk –> sandekat)


Account Unifications 12-09

The following users will be unified on the evening of 12-9. UPN changes will happen at 5pm.

Academics for Student Athletes
Bailey, Ardell
Edwards, Clint (edwardc –> edwarcli)
Grubert, Katrina
Halischak, Kate (halischak –> halischk)
Rodriguez, Mandi (rodriguezm –> rodriama)
Tucknott, Darr
Yager, Paul

Air Force ROTC (Migrating from FS_Mail)
Brown, Ashlynd (ashlynd.brown –> browashl)
Butler, Ryan (ryan.butler –> butlerry)
Jeremy D. McMullen (jeremy.mcmullen –> mcmullej)
Munoz, Mayra (mayra.munoz –> munozm)
Owens, Robb (robb.owens –> owensro)
Reynolds, Lauri (lauri.reynolds –> reynolla)

Central Oregon Marine Experiment Station
Hansell, Sue
Holt, Craig
Hunt, Angee (hunta –> huntan)

Lundeberg, Roberta

Rennekamp, Denise

Equity & Inclusion
Bibee, Andrea
Bonner, Anne
Brian, Hope
Etherton, Scott
Gillies, Anne
Gomez, Angelo (gomeza –> gomezan)
Gutierrez, Yesenia (gutierry –> gutierye)
Healey, Megan
Le, Binh
Lenn, Chris
McQuillin, Kerry
Merrell, Gabriel
Ott, Leanna
Vignos, Scott
Waite, Jane

Beck, Dana (beckd –> beckda)
Carnahan, Stephanie (carnahas –> carnahst)
Ceder, Richard
Edwards, Ashley (doylea –> doyleas)
Enriquez, Adrienne (enriquea –> enriquad)
Smith, Natalie
Snelling, Susie
Stephens, Anne (stephena –> stephann)
Vincent, Jennica

Linus Pauling Institute
Abney, Cathy
Alexander, Anais
Angelo, Giana
Bennett, Casey (bennettc –> fieldcas)
Butler, Judy A
Choi, Jaewoo (choij –> choija)
Drake, Victoria
Durst, Bob
Fallihee, Rebecca (falliher –> sullivar)
Frei, Balz
Gombart, Adrian
Hagen, Tory (hagent –> hagento)
Heron, Christopher
Hobbs, Deborah
Jacobs, Julie (jacobsj –> jacobjul)
Krueger, Sharon
Labut, Ed
Lawson, Stephen (lawsons –> lawsoste)
Leonard, Scott
McVicar, Barbara
Michels, Alexander
Perez, Viviana
Russo, Candace
Shay, Kate (shayk –> peterska)
Traber, Maret
Wang, Rong (wangr –> wangro)
Yu, David (yud –> yut)
Yu, Zhen
Zhang, Weijian (zhangw –> zhangwei)

Office of the Registrar
Bulling, Larry
Carr, Charlie
Champagne, Amanda
Dean, Allyson
Efimoff, Kathy
Harwood, Shannon
Howard, Susan
Hoyt, Sara
Issabekova, Tursynay
Johnson, Shannon (johnsos1 –> johnsos9)
Laurence, Nancy
Lehto, Cindy
Main, Martin (mainma –> mainm)
Mathern, Rebecca
Ocampo, Randy
Olden, George (george.olden –> oldeng)
Palm, Rebecca
Sparlin, Marteen
Walker, Cathy
Watts, Tom (wattst –> wattsjrt)
Whiteside, Sarah
Williamson, Angela

Crook County Extension
Munn, Becky

Pre-College Programs
Cole, Kyle (cole –> colekyl)
Law, Catherine (law –> lawc)
Nicholson, Emily (nicholem –> nicholse)

Caufield, Brian

Writing Center
Bennett, Dennis
Nelson, Chris
Romantsova, Galina

Account Unifications 12-02

The following folks will be unified on the evening of 12-2:

Bothum, Candi (bothumc –> bothumca)
Coleman, Brenda
Craven, Pati
Hoffmann, Andy (hoffmana –> hoffmaan)
Larwood, Lillian
Lobo, Courtney

Bae, Harold (baeh –> baeha)
Harding, Anna (hardinga –> hardinan)
Hedrick, Theresa
Jackson, Jennifer (jacksoje –> sjennife)
Odden, Michelle
Schuna, John
Smiley, Janice (smileyj –> smileyja)

Bodwell, Angela
Deck, Kim
Foley, Shannon (foleys –> foleysha)
Gaddis, Gwenette
Hicks, John (hicksj –> hicksjoh)
Hilbert, Carey
Lindsley, Napatr
Miranda, Josie (mirandaj –> miranjos)
Nelson, Andrea (nelsona –> nelsonan)
Sigrah, Nelson
Taylor, Rocci
Worley, Aaron

Aldwin, Carolyn
Arnold, Mary (arnoldm –> olszewsm)
Bowman, Sally
Braverman, Marc
Greaves, Kathy
Hooker, Karen
Magana, Mario
Mannering, Anne
McClelland, Megan
Mendez-Luck, Carolyn (mendezc –> mendezlc)
Rennekamp, Denise
Stawski, Robert
Thorburn, Sheryl

Alexander, Jennifer (alexanderj –> alexajen)
Brown, Phillip
Ginsburg, Ariel (ginsburga –> ginsbura)
Hertel, Jessica
Hill-Tanquist, Tamara (hilltanquist –> hilltant)
Hino, Jeff (hino –> hinoj)
Mayjor, Bryan
Morales, Dio
Petryszak, Peter
Pokorny, Kym
Reichhuber, Sandy (reichhus –> dows)
Sayer, Debbie
Simmons, Erik
Sloan, Jim
Ward, Stephen (wardst –> wardste)
Wells, Gail
Zimmermann, Karen

Institutional Research
Castillo, Salvador
Deininger, Kim (deiningk –> rebsamek)
Plagmann, Layhna (lplagman –> plagmanl)
Walker, Kellie (walkerk –> walkekel)
Wang, Susan (wangs –> wangxu)

Columbia Extension
Davis, Woody (davisw –> davislow)
Harden, Liana

Crook Extension
Bohle, Mylen
Deboodt, Tim
Walker, Lindsay

Jefferson Extension
Brenda Gutierrez (gutierrb –> gutiebre)
Gandy, Jon
Oppenlander, Jennifer

Malheur Extension
Arispe, Sergio
Brody, Barbara
Buhrig, William
Howell, Bobbi
Jill Hoshaw
Reitz, Stuart
Sherman, Melissa (shermanm –> shermame)

Research Office
Anundson, Eric
Cigarran, Jane
Neuman, Amy (neumana –> kinga2)
Peters, Mark (petersma –> peterma2)
Sagers, Cynthia

Hanna, Renee (hannar –> hannare)