New Core Migration: Multiple Departments

The following departments have been moved to new core:

Enrollment Management (Kerr + Snell)
Institutional Research
Undergraduate Studies

Cyder/IP change
All workstations and printers…
Moved from: Multiple zones (10.192.98.XXX)
Moved to: zone.cn_studentadmin ( –

Printer change
Old IP printers were removed from workstations and replaced with new print queues:

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-500-Ricoh-MP-2851
Printer IP:
Printer driver: PCL6 Universal v4.6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 500 Ricoh MP 2851

Note: All three departments share this printer. I have the owner listed as Enrollment management.

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-500-Lexmark-CS310DN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: Lexmark CS310 Series Class Driver
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 500 Lexmark CS310DN

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\Snell-414A-HP-LaserJet-2420
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_Snell 414A HP LaserJet 2420

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\Snell-419-HP-Color-LaserJet-M551N
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_Snell 419 HP Color LaserJet M551N

ONID GPO: TSS – Printer Deployment – Enrollment Management
TSS GPO: Printer Deployment – Enrollment Management

Resolved Issues

  • DIRKSB-OP755 (00:21:9b:81:ef:bd) was documented in the initial walk-through and migrated but the machine was actually moved to Waldo with Academic Programs. This was moved back in Cyder to zone.asc ( – I contacted the customer but they were unavailable.
  • CSL-46-OP780 (b8:ac:6f:9e:a9:96) appeared to be an old registration and was deleted from Cyder but turned out to be a loaner computer for Salvador Castillo while his current computer is at the build bench. Max Schmidt was able to get this registered in Cyder. Additionally, I added his loaner IP address to the IR-SQL firewall rule so he still has access to the server.

Unresolved Issues


Unifications Tonight

The following folks are slated for unification this evening at 5pm. Folks who have a different ONID and CN username are noted via (CN -> ONID) formatting.


Counseling & Psychological Services
Akcali, Ozge
Bamba, Marcey
Benton, Autumn
Bird, Sherri (birds –> birdsh)
Daruwalla, Shaznin
Elliott, Janet
Gouveia, Jim
Hemrick, Bonnie
Kellems, Ian
Ribeiro, Michele (ribeirom –> ribeirmi)
Seltzer, Darlene (seltzer –> bartond)
Shippen, Stephanie
Sullivan, Allison (sullivaa –> sulliall)
Sumida, Emi
Van Dyke, James (vandykej –> vandykja)
Vaughn, Patsy Jo (vaughnp –> vaughnpa)
Vawter, Tracy
Vicario, Brett
Woessner, Emelyne
Zimmermann, Beth (zimmermb –> zimmerel)

Lake County Extension
Rufener, Samara

Printing & Mailing
Bankson, Judy
Bunnell, Acacia
Chapman, Kelly (chapmank –> chapmkel)
Clarke, Eileen (clarkee –> clarkeei)
Collins, Norene
DeMers, Chad (demers –> demersc)
Egan, Jim
Englehardt, Lori
Falk, Megan
Frederick, Cynthia (frederic –> fredercy)
Goldtrap, Kiara
Grossman-Naples, Ari (grossmaa –> grossmar)
Hansen, Dawna (hansenda –> hansedaw)
Hayden, Shelly
Kelly, Travis
Meloling, Bret
Merrell, Benjamin
Moore, Pam
Reves, Donovan
Root, Alan
Schmid, Jacob
Todd, Jeffery (toddj –> toddje)
Traver, Terri
Udell, Gail
Varner, Michael
Veitenheimer, Fred (veitenhf –> veitennf)
Vomocil, Stephanie
Wright, Susan (wrightsd –> wrighsus)