UPN Changes

The following customers are having UPN changes this evening. A message went out (from CN.Help) this morning.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS):

Name New UPN
Akcali, Ozge akcalio@oregonstate.edu
Bamba, Marcey bambam@oregonstate.edu
Benton, Autumn bentona@oregonstate.edu
Bird, Sherri birdsh@oregonstate.edu
Daruwalla, Shaznin daruwals@oregonstate.edu
Elliott, Janet elliojan@oregonstate.edu
Gouveia, Jim gouveiaj@oregonstate.edu
Hemrick, Bonnie hemrickb@oregonstate.edu
Ribeiro, Michele ribeirmi@oregonstate.edu
Seltzer, Darlene bartond@oregonstate.edu
Shippen, Stephanie shippens@oregonstate.edu
Sullivan, Allison sulliall@oregonstate.edu
Sumida, Emi sumidae@oregonstate.edu
Van Dyke, James vandykja@oregonstate.edu
Vaughn, Patsy Jo vaughnpa@oregonstate.edu
Vawter, Tracy vawtert@oregonstate.edu
Vicario, Brett vicariob@oregonstate.edu
Woessner, Emelyne woessnee@oregonstate.edu
Zimmermann, Beth zimmerel@oregonstate.edu

Printing & Mailing:

Name New UPN
Bankson, Judy banksonj@oregonstate.edu
Bunnell, Acacia bunnella@oregonstate.edu
Chapman, Kelly chapmkel@oregonstate.edu
Clarke, Eileen clarkeei@oregonstate.edu
Collins, Norene collinsn@oregonstate.edu
DeMers, Chad demersc@oregonstate.edu
Egan, Jim eganj@oregonstate.edu
Englehardt, Lori englehal@oregonstate.edu
Falk, Megan falkm@oregonstate.edu
Frederick, Cynthia fredercy@oregonstate.edu
Goldtrap, Kiara richarki@oregonstate.edu
Grossman-Naples, Ari grossmar@oregonstate.edu
Hansen, Dawna hansedaw@oregonstate.edu
Hayden, Shelly haydens@oregonstate.edu
Kelly, Travis kellytr@oregonstate.edu
Merrell, Benjamin merrellb@oregonstate.edu
Moore, Pam moorep@oregonstate.edu
Reves, Donovan revesd@oregonstate.edu
Root, Alan rootala@oregonstate.edu
Schmid, Jacob schmidj@oregonstate.edu
Todd, Jeffery toddje@oregonstate.edu
Traver, Terri travert@oregonstate.edu
Udell, Gail udellg@oregonstate.edu
Veitenheimer, Fred veitennf@oregonstate.edu
Vomocil, Stephanie vomocils@oregonstate.edu
Wright, Susan wrighsus@oregonstate.edu


In both cases, there were at least a couple folks in the department who did not receive the message. This is because their UPN already matches the new standard (so they’re not having a change this evening), or they’ve got a primary affiliation of student (so we’re not unifying them).

Unification for these groups is happening Wednesday night.