Dorm network connections – common issues

ResDesk – “No name” listed

We now do NOT think the “no name” issue is keeping people from working. It is a bug in ResDesk that we are going to fix today. All the devices are registered properly in the DHCP table for people that show up that way in ResDesk.

Xbox devices – not able to connect

For Xbox systems…  Try shutting down the Xbox by holding down the power button to do a full shutdown, then leave it shut down for a while. I’ve been told there’s a way to shut down the Xbox with hand gestures, but that doesn’t really shut it down. I think it just puts it into a “sleep” type mode. You want the Xbox to do a full shutdown by holding the power button.

Other devices not able to connect

Check for static IP and DNS entries for the network adapters.

Change both to dynamic.

Some directions for Windows are here – Windows 8

Check the DHCP logs here for the MAC address if useful

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One thought on “Dorm network connections – common issues”

  1. For an Xbox having issues connecting in the dorms: check the DNS settings.

    Will try to get some more thorough documentation about this problem next week.

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