UPN changes for Cascade Campus

UPN changes for Cascades Campus is on the schedule for this evening (5pm). Complete user list is:

Name New UPN
Aguirre, Apolo aguirrea@oregonstate.edu
Bacci, Taylor baccit@oregonstate.edu
Ball, Pat ballp@oregonstate.edu
Barker, Jane barkejan@oregonstate.edu
Beamer, Stephanie beamers@oregonstate.edu
Beidler, Marty beidlerm@oregonstate.edu
Biles, Kathy bilesk@oregonstate.edu
Buhrle, Jessica buhrlej@oregonstate.edu
Carr, Emily carrem@oregonstate.edu
Cecchini, Danny cecchind@oregonstate.edu
Chavez, John chavezj@oregonstate.edu
Coffin, Christine coffinch@oregonstate.edu
Coleman, Kristin geurtsk@oregonstate.edu
Condon, John condonjo@oregonstate.edu
Davis, Andrew davisa3@oregonstate.edu
Dollar, Natalie dollarn@oregonstate.edu
Elston, Julie elstonju@oregonstate.edu
Feuerbacher, Robin feuerbar@oregonstate.edu
Fisher, Thomas fisherth@oregonstate.edu
Ford, Amy fordamy@oregonstate.edu
Foster, James fosterja@oregonstate.edu
Freedman, Sara freedmas@oregonstate.edu
Gassner, Michael gassnerm@oregonstate.edu
Gautschi, Jeff gautschj@oregonstate.edu
Gess-Newsome, Julie newsomej@oregonstate.edu
Giamellaro, Michael giamellm@oregonstate.edu
Hackbarth, Nancy hackbana@oregonstate.edu
Hacker, Marla hackerm@oregonstate.edu
Hagen, Chris hagenc@oregonstate.edu
Handschuch, Konnie handschk@oregonstate.edu
Harris, Donna harrisdo@oregonstate.edu
Henderson, Sharon hendesha@oregonstate.edu
Jett, Susan mannss@oregonstate.edu
Keys, Susan keyssu@oregonstate.edu
Kloss, Laura klossl@oregonstate.edu
Knapp, Melinda knappme@oregonstate.edu
Kothari, Brianne kotharib@oregonstate.edu
Libert, Terri libertt@oregonstate.edu
Lindberg, Kreg lindberk@oregonstate.edu
Lipscomb, Shannon lipscosh@oregonstate.edu
Lueck, Kira billingk@oregonstate.edu
Lynn, Dennis lynnd@oregonstate.edu
Marino, Beth marinoe@oregonstate.edu
Mason, Meredith masonm@oregonstate.edu
McGinnis, Dianna raschiod@oregonstate.edu
McMahon, Susan mcmahosu@oregonstate.edu
Montgomery, Todd montgomt@oregonstate.edu
Myers, Jeffery myersjef@oregonstate.edu
Nkansah, Zola nkansahz@oregonstate.edu
Orr, Matt orrma@oregonstate.edu
Petersen, Ann petersa7@oregonstate.edu
Petersen, Bruce N peterbru@oregonstate.edu
Platt, Carolyn plattc@oregonstate.edu
Pollard, Christine pollarch@oregonstate.edu
Porzelius, Linda porzelil@oregonstate.edu
Prevenas, Margaret prevenam@oregonstate.edu
Pritchard, Diane pritchad@oregonstate.edu
Reese, Ryan reeser@oregonstate.edu
Reuter, Ron reuterr@oregonstate.edu
Reynolds, Jane reynoldm@oregonstate.edu
Ricketts, Gina rickettg@oregonstate.edu
Rubin, Marc rubinma@oregonstate.edu
Sanford, Angela sanforda@oregonstate.edu
Sayre, Henry sayreh@oregonstate.edu
Schuetz, Rachael schuetzr@oregonstate.edu
Shindermann, Matt shinderm@oregonstate.edu
Siegel, Debbie siegeld@oregonstate.edu
Smith, Kristina smitkris@oregonstate.edu
Sparks, Kelly sparksk@oregonstate.edu
Sparks, Peter sparksp@oregonstate.edu
Stroud, Daniel stroudd@oregonstate.edu
Taylor, Amelia tayloame@oregonstate.edu
Taylor, Shawn taylorsh@oregonstate.edu
Thompson, Sara thomsara@oregonstate.edu
Webb, Kyle webbky@oregonstate.edu
Wick, Wen wickw@oregonstate.edu
Witzke, Kara witzkek@oregonstate.edu
Wolsko, Chris wolskoc@oregonstate.edu

UPN changes for students – impact on Office 365


The student UPNs will be changing on September 12 from user@onid.oregonstate.edu to user@oregonstate.edu. This has some specific impacts on Office 365. Please read – I anticipate a large number of calls. 

  1. The way they login to Office 365 will change. When you help a new user login for the first time, please make them aware of the change happening on September 12.
  1. Connections from Office and OneNote to files in their OneDrive will break. The symptom of this problem will generally be a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the Office or OneNote apps. The solution is to repoint to username@oregonstate.edu. I will verify that we have a help doc on this issue.
  1. Links to shared files will break. The resolution to this is to re-share the files. This may impact College of Business students more than others as they use these features more. They can also get help from the COB helpdesk.

-Kirsten Petersen, IT Manager
Information Services, Oregon State University

From: dca-all-bounces@lists.oregonstate.edu [dca-all-bounces@lists.oregonstate.edu] on behalf of Lomax, Erica L [Erica.Lomax@oregonstate.edu]
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 17:46
To: DCA All
Subject: [DCA-All] 9/12 – Login changes to Google and Student UPN changes

On Saturday, September 12 starting at 8am the IAM team will be making changes to the logins and email addresses at Google for all users, student Active Directory User Principal Names (UPN), student primary email addresses, and UPN updates for a subset of other users.  It is anticipated that the set of changes will take approximately 12 hours on that date.


A summary of what is changing is as follows

o   If a graduate student account is pending unification and the UPN has already been assigned to the non-ONID account, no account update will occur.

  • UPN on ONID accounts for Employee & Associates that are located in the ONID OU in AD and do NOT have an existing identity match (PIDM) will be set to user@oregonstate.edu

If you would like a copy of your domain/OU’s users and their current identity match (PIDM) status, please send an email to IAMTeam @oregonstate.edu and let us know what domain or OU and we will provide you with a file.  It will contain the user, their non-ONID domain account and matching ONID account, if matched. You can use this file to fill in the missing ONID matches and return it to us to update AD with the matches.


Helpdocs are under development about the impacts to end users.  There will be email messages sent to the users via inform lists regarding the changes.


Please let us know if you have questions.



Erica Lomax

Director, Identity and Access

Information Services | Oregon State University

P: 541-737-3619