Account Unifications 9-1-2015

We’ve got the following individuals on the list for the evening of 9-1:

Collins, Laura (collinsl –> collinla)
Cross, Claire (crossc –> crosscl)
Donaldson, Jonan (donaldsj –> donaldjo)
Johnston, Karen (johnstonk –> johnstka)
Misner, Mandy (misnerm –> martinsm)
Powell, Maurine (powellm –> powellma)
Robertson, John (robertjo –> robertro)

Home folders will also be renamed to match when the usernames change.

BIOS Updates removed from the Build Process

The Build Bench will cease performing BIOS updates on every machine. This decision has been made after a series of bad BIOS updates that have cause delays and, at times, irresolvable hardware failure.

We will still perform BIOS updates for brand new models and firmware updates for tablets.

We recommend that BIOS updates be reserved for the later steps of the troubleshooting process.