Unifications Tonight

At 5pm, the following folks are going to be unified:

Blyth, Warren
Brabham, Sarah
Curry, Erica (CN\currye –> ONID\curryer)
Engel, Amanda
Freeman, Carlea
Harper, Nick
Kahn, Cub (CN\kahnc –> ONID\kahnj)
Keithley, Amy
Kroening, Melanie
Lindsley, Brian
Loftin, Dorothy
Machado, Laura (CN\caseyl –> ONID\machadol)
McMath-Walton, Moina (CN\mcmathm –> ONID\mcmathwm)
Miller, Mike (CN\millermi –> ONID\millerm5)
Olson, Drew
Riggs, Shannon
Roberts, James L. (CN\robertsj –> ONID\robertj4)
Shi, Tianhong (CN\tshi –> ONID\shitia)
Stiffler, Mark
Thomas, Elizabeth (CN\thomase –> ONID\thomasel)
Yee, Victor

Curry County Extension Office:
Burris, Frank
McDonald, Sheryl (CN\mcdonals –> ONID\mcdonash)
Thiemann, Scott

Coos County Extension Office:
Bouska, Cassie
Clayburn, Samantha
Fischer, Rhonda
Harris, Allison
Lilienthal, Heather
Peterson, Cindy (CN\petersoc –> ONID\petersci)

Users who have a different CN and ONID username (noted above) will also be having their personal network space folder name changed to match the ONID username afterwards, so it’s possible that they may run into issues with shortcuts or recently opened documents that referenced the old UNC path (GPOs are in place so P will map to the new username after the change).

Let Ben know if you have any questions