Identifying IP vs. Print Server Departments

In an effort to help everyone identify which departments have had their printers migrated over to the print server I’m updating Inventory by marking printers as inactive and adding just one printer record called ISCS-PrintQ. Specific details about these printers can be found in the comments section of the ISCS-PrintQ record. Since the E-Interview pulls from Inventory you will now only see ISCS-PrintQ as an option for migrated departments. Take a look at Board of Trustees in Inventory for an example.

OCH Drupal Dev – Search fixed

Search is now working on the OCH Drupal dev site.

OCH Drupal dev link (also linked in RefTool):

OCH Drupal Dev is a wiki for internal documentation pertinent to OCH and Service Desk, but may contain things of general interest as well.

Please use the search box on the left, and NOT the OSU Search at the top. The OSU Search is Google-based, and Google search does not work against sites that are behind a login (like this one).

If you do not have access to the site, let me know.

New locations for Bench and Field Team

We have some exciting news about location changes for the Bench and Field Team!


The Bench is now located in Milne, basement level, rooms 120 and 120a.

Those offices are behind the SCF lab attendant desks.

We are waiting on the phones to be swapped over to Milne for the Bench. Use Lync to contact Bench staff in the meantime.

Field Team

The Field Team is now located in the old Server Support Group location, on the 4th floor of the Valley Library, next to Jim Galloway and Central Web Services. Just around the corner and down the hall from the call centers.

Also waiting on a phone swap for them also, the 7-2698 number.

Customer machines

  • Machines to be build will be dropped off at the Bench in Milne by the Field Team
  • Bench crew will deliver finished machines to either the Library or Ballard (Extension customers)

Questions, thoughts, etc?

Thanks to the hard work of the Bench and Field crews for making these moves happen quickly and as smoothly as possible.

CPHHS Dean’s Office account unifications

The CPHHS Dean’s office staff (11 folks) will be unified this evening after 5pm:

Bray, Tammy (CN\brayt –> ONID\braytam)
Calvert, Alan
Chase, Suzanna (CN\chases –> ONID\chasesu)
Clevinger, Catherine
Harvey, Marie (CN\harveym to ONID\harveysm)
Hudson, Deanne (CN\hudsond to ONID\hudsonl)
Krahn, Gloria
Mahana, Michelle
Stroppel, Kathryn
Thayer, Rena (CN\thayerr to ONID\thayerre)
Turner, Heather (CN\turnerh to ONID\turnehea)

Users who have a different CN and ONID username (noted above) will also be having their personal network space folder name changed to match the ONID username afterwards, so it’s possible that they may run into issues with shortcuts or recently opened documents that referenced the old UNC path (GPOs are in place so P will map to the new username after the change).

Let Ben know if you have any questions!