Outlook 2011 – CN’s stance

A quick update on our official policy regarding Office/Outlook 2011, to clear up any confusion:

  • We will install Office 2011 for Mac users; aside from Outlook the rest of the suite is fully functional.
  • Our strong recommendation is to use OWA rather than Outlook 2011. This is due to frequent sync issues such as calendars not being up to date, mail items not correctly showing as read/unread between clients, etc.
  • If the customer is insistent on using Outlook 2011 we will configure it for them, with an *extremely* strong suggestion to not store any files under the On My Computer section. Best practice is to hide the On My Computer folders from view: Outlook menu -> Preferences -> General, check the box for “Hide On My Computer folders.”   Reasoning: There is no sync or backup of the On My Computer folders. We’ve had several instances of local Outlook database corruption; in these cases there is no way to recover the files and significant data loss has occurred.