New Core Migration: OSU Board of Trustees

Last night the OSU Board of Trustees were moved to the new core.

Cyder/IP change
All workstations and printers…
Moved from: zone.budgets ( – Moved to: zone.cn_univadmin ( –

Printer change
Old IP printers were removed from workstations and replaced with new print queues.
Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-526-HP-Color-LaserJet-CP4025DN
Printer IP:
Printer driver: HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.0.0)
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 526 HP Color LaserJet CP4025DN
ONID GPO: TSS – Printer Deployment – OSU Board
TSS GPO: Printer Deployment – OSU Board

Resolved Issues
All computers and printers were shut down last night. As a result, nobody pulled a new IP address until everything was turned on.

Unresolved Issues
Debbie has been having blue screen issues which caused the migration to fail for her. I will submit a helpdesk request for this.