New Core Migration: OSU Audit Services

Last Friday, July 24th OSU Audit Services was moved to the new core network.

Cyder/IP change

Workstations and printers were moved from zone.conet ( – to zone.cn_univadmin ( –

Printer change

Printers are now being deployed to workstations via GPO:

Printer address: \\iscs-printq\KAd-240-Ricoh-MP-3351
Printer IP:
Printer driver: PCL6 Universal v4.6
Security group: CN_Printers_KAd 240 Ricoh MP 3351
ONID GPO: TSS – Printer Deployment – Audit Services
TSS GPO: Printer Deployment – Audit Services

Note: The GPOs only apply to the department’s OU and domain users in the security group above.

Resolved Issues

  • Andrew Bailey wasn’t getting the printer installed. It turns out he logs in with his ONID account and I forgot to update the printer deployment GPO on ONID with a corrected printer name.
  • Clay Simmons had a history of printing issues. I stopped the spooler service and was able to nuke all of the printers. After that I discovered Clay works out of the OSU Audit office but actually works for the Provost’s Office which meant that the printer GPO wasn’t getting deployed to his user account. To resolve this I had to apply the printer GPO to the Provost’s Office users OU.
  • Some folks didn’t get the printer installed. The resolution was to run a gpupdate /force, log out and log back in.
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