What is CORE?

CORE is a web-based application that allows OSU employees to access student and financial information for their departments. CORE will eventually replace Data Warehouse, and is a major IS and OSU business intelligence initiative.

More information about CORE: http://fa.oregonstate.edu/budget/core

The CORE site is here: http://core.oregonstate.edu

The site is only available to OSU employees (not students).

Some tips from Diana Lindsley, CORE team manager:

  • Chrome or Firefox are recommended; some features do not work in IE.
  • Mobile devices work, but not all reports are optimized for mobile.
  • Login is with ONID username and password.
  • If a customer can’t see a report and they think they should be able to, have them contact CORE support.
  • Core support can be reached at: core.bic@oregonstate.edu
  • When escalating an issue to the CORE team, please include: username, what report they had problems with, and what the problem was.