Final Library Unifications

As a reminder, the last three non-unified staff accounts for the library will be having that done this afternoon (6/1) at 3:30pm. This should be relatively uneventful as I’m working with all three customers directly. The three accounts being unified are:

  • Xiaoping Li (CN\lix -> ONID\lixiao)
  • Maura Valentino (CN\valentim -> ONID\valentim)
  • Uta Hussong-Christian (CN\hussongu -> ONID\hussongu)

These were not done with the rest of the library unifications due to being out for various reasons (vacation, conferences, etc).

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One thought on “Final Library Unifications”

  1. Xiaoping and Uta’s accounts have been unified. Maura was unexpectedly out today, so I’ll be working with her to find another time that works.

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