Mac InCopy CC Issues Fixed; Policy Deployed


TL:DR version

The InCopy fix you’ve all been waiting for is here, and as I write this has been deployed to forty of about seventy three machines currently identified as having InCopy CC on them.

The “Jaymz likes to send way too much information in his emails” version

The fix for InCopy errors and crashes on the Macs is finally found and deployed. When I say the errors and crashing, I am referring to the set of circumstances documented in the following ticket:

[ Zoom Ticket#: 0330854 ] Adobe CC reinstallation

The long and short of it is, the policy is scoped to a smart group that identifies any machine that has the Adobe InCopy CC installed. When identified, a script will be deployed that fixes permissions on the InCopy plugins folder and then clears the InCopy cache folder (it’s basically identical to the fix that I am pushing for the InDesign plugin errors that we ran into last December).

If you wish to see if an affected machine has had the script run against it:

  • Log into the JSS
  • Click on Computers
  • Click on Policies on the sidebar
  • Find the policy entitled “CN – Fix InCopy CC 2014 Plug-in Errors”
    • It should be near the top in the category “CN-Application Fixes”
  • Click on the name of the policy
  • Click on the Logs button
  • In the screen that comes up, find the machine and you will see its status
    • If status is “Failed”, we need to flush the logs for that machine
    • “Pending” means the machine has not run the policy yet
    • “Completed” means that the policy has run successfully and the fix has been deployed

Now, this is the really important part:

Casper will not immediately identify a machine after InCopy or the entire CC suite is installed. Recon (inventory collection procedure) needs to be run against the machine in question before the InCopy will appear as an installed app. Recon runs on a once every twenty four hours, or the next time the machine checks in after that twenty four hours is up, so your customer may run into the error messages if they try to launch InCopy immediately after installation. If this is the case, you can manually run recon on the machine, and then check to make sure that the machine is in the appropriate smart group.

To run recon launch terminal as an Admin level user and type “sudo jamf recon” minus the quotes. This will force the machine to check in and run Recon.

To check to make sure that the machine is actually in the necessary smart group:

  • Log into the JSS
  • Click on Computers
  • Click on Smart Groups on the sidebar
  • Find the smart group named “CN – Applications – InCopy CC 2014 installed”
  • Click on the View Button
  • In the screen that comes up you will see all of the machines that fall into that smart group
    • As long as the machine is in this group, the policy that fixes InCopy is scoped to it

Final Library Unifications

As a reminder, the last three non-unified staff accounts for the library will be having that done this afternoon (6/1) at 3:30pm. This should be relatively uneventful as I’m working with all three customers directly. The three accounts being unified are:

  • Xiaoping Li (CN\lix -> ONID\lixiao)
  • Maura Valentino (CN\valentim -> ONID\valentim)
  • Uta Hussong-Christian (CN\hussongu -> ONID\hussongu)

These were not done with the rest of the library unifications due to being out for various reasons (vacation, conferences, etc).