Wireless Helpdoc Changes

I went in to fix a typo on the wireless helpdoc (at http://oregonstate.edu/helpdocs/network/wireless) and realized the doc needed some serious changes.
• OUS: Removed the reference to OUS, since that entity is going away.
• Wifi Map: Removed the link to the campus wifi map because that map is defunct and the network team has asked CWS to take it down. Please don’t tell people to reference the wifi map anymore.
• OSU_Secure: We want to encourage people to use OSU_Secure. WPA works a lot better than it used to. I updated some of the language about OSU_Secure and put “(recommended)” next to it in the list of networks.
• EduRoam: EduRoam can be used by OSU people at OSU and elsewhere. Also, I think it is the preferred way to connect at PSU and UO now. (I am not even sure if the reciprocal auth stuff that we used to have in place is working anymore – need to follow up on that and possibly remove that whole section of the doc.)  FYI: people can just connect to EduRoam all the time, here and elsewhere. It’s actually a really good idea, because then they will already have the cert accepted, and not have problems connecting when they travel. In fact, their device will automatically connect them to EduRoam as they travel, which is pretty cool. EduRoam at OSU is exactly like OSU_Secure in terms of features, FYI.
• I simplified some of the language in the doc and removed some things that sounded out of date.

For later: eventually we’ll want to replace “ONID account” in this doc with “OSU ID” or “OSU Login” or whatever the Identity team decides we are going to call it; but it’s too soon to make that change.

Johan wanted to see a few more changes as well, but they are mostly cosmetic.