UPN changes for IS employees

The user principal name will be changing for IS employees with unified accounts the evening of 5/7. The following message went out to folks who would be impacted by the change:

Hey all,


We need to make a change to all existing unified accounts. This will be occurring the evening of 5/7, around 9:30pm. Details are below:


TL;DR version:

The user principal name on your account will be changing from first.last@oregonstate.edu to username@oregonstate.edu. This does not impact your e-mail address, but does impact trying to log in to a service or computer with the old first.last@o.e format.



Full details:

Recently the Identity & Access Management (IAM) team made a final recommendation going forward regarding the User Principal Name (UPN) format for unified accounts. While the UPN is not something that many are directly familiar with, it determines how the username must be formatted for access to many services. If you would like specifics, you can read IAM’s full breakdown here: UPN Format Decision Document.


We will be adjusting the UPN of your account to match this new standard on Thursday evening (5/7/2015). After this time valid formats for your username will be:


The most common things that are impacted by the UPN change are:

  • Mobile devices will need to be configured to use onid\username or username@oregonstate.edu as the username after the change. On some android devices, the account needs to be completely removed and added back (if the device doesn’t allow changing the username on an existing account)
  • If you log in to a windows box using the last@oregonstate.edu format and lock the workstation, you will not be able to unlock the workstation after the change. Either log out before you leave for the day, or make sure you’re logged in using onid\username.
  • You will lose access to data in Office 365 when the change happens, until the next time the synchronization process runs (3am and 3pm)
  • Outlook 2011 for OSX typically needs the username adjusted from the old UPN format to the new UPN format.


If you have any questions, please let me know!





We went through this process already with Client Services staff with unified accounts with minimal impact, so I don’t imagine we’ll get many calls on this.

Firefox and Chrome scheduled releases

For those that are interested,

I was doing some digging and found the release schedule for chrome and firefox.  Chrome version 44 comes out May 15th, with version 45 following on June 26th. Firefox ESR version 38 will be released on May 19th, support for version 31 will end on August 11th.

If you would like to reference this information and look at more future date information.