SCCM Content Locations

All SCCM content locations for applications, packages, and drivers have been moved to the new IS-CIFS share:

  • Original content location: \\tss-softstore\SCCM Staging\…
  • New content location: \\\SCCM Staging…

For those who might not be aware, this is where all of the source files are located for packaged content in SCCM. This content is then distributed to OSU-CM-DP01, our primary distribution server. All systems with the SCCM client receive content from this server.

Testing was performed to ensure that OSU-CM-DP01 received new content from the new location when new content was added.

Windows Updates: Policy Change

I’ve updated Group Policy on all staff workstations to prevent installing updates immediately upon shut down. Previously when there were updates scheduled to install, the start menu Shut Down option would be replaced with “Install updates and shut down.” This update gives you back the ability to choose either option. At this point we’re just testing how this plays out for folks.



Pre-College Programs Setup

The Pre-College Programs department move/migration continues, but things are finally winding down. we are trying to encourage them to call the help line when they run into problems.

We now have survival instructions for getting customers set up if they are just logging into their computer for the first time since moving over to CN support. These instructions also cover machines on wireless and printer setups. The printers should be set up on all the machines, but just in case…

The document is located on Sharepoint in the following location:

Pre-College Programs Setup

You can also find instructions by looking at article 46 in ticket #0326350

Build change awareness – May2015

– PC builds again have Adobe Acrobat Pro & Reader – pls remove reader.

– Duplicates Office 2013 icons are on desktop –  pls remove.

– All laptop placed over last month have login failures due to WiFi preference not set to connect automatically to osu_access. New users cannot authenticate – pls provide domain users’ the ability to log in.

– Browser Bookmarks and Homepage are now generic – pls standardize OSU home page & restore CN bookmarks during checkoff.

– WOT is no longer installed due to EULA violation for personal use.

– Admin rights need to be checked if they have unified account.

– Need to quit telling customers to leave PCs on Tuesday evening for patches. Shutdown may be recommended for clean boot and power-savings.

SCCM Application Catalog

The SCCM application catalog should be working again for self-service installs on Windows clients. Please update your SCCM client machine policy and try it out (see below for instructions). As always, let me know if you run into issues.

Note: The Application Catalog has not been made available to customers yet. You can test then while logged in with your regular or User+ account. On a customers workstation you can use “Run as different user” and point your browser to

How to update your SCCM client machine policy:

  • Go to Control Panel and click on Configuration Manager.
  • Click on the Actions tab and select “Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle.”
  • Click on Run Now.

Expectations (how things should be working):

  • Internet Explorer 10/11 (preferred) – Automatically passes your Windows credentials through and takes you to the Application Catalog website.
  • Firefox ESR latest version – Rawr, this connection is untrusted! Blahbity blah blah. Trust the connection, authenticate, activate Silverlight, and proceed as usual.
  • Chrome latest version – Authenticate, activate Silverlight, and proceed as usual.

Opportunity: New Tech mag needs contributors

The Recompiler, a new print and online magazine is getting started in Portland and they are looking for contributors.

From their website:

The Recompiler is a feminist hacker magazine, launching in Summer 2015. Our goal is to help people learn about technology in a fun, playful way, and highlight a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We’re especially interested in infrastructure: the technical and social systems we depend on. We want to share what it’s like to learn and work with technology, and teach each other to build better systems and tools.

The Recompiler is especially interested in work from people who are part of under-represented groups in technology.

This is an excellent opportunity you want to share your ideas and experiences as well as develop your professional writing skills.

If interested please take a look at the Submission Guidelines.

Yosemite Block Disabled

As of Monday, Community Network has quietly lifted the restriction on CN machines being able to install Mac OS X Yosemite. As machines run their daily inventory check the restriction will be lifted on the machine.

We have not made an announcement to the customer base yet as this is not a consensus decision. The topic of publicly announcing the lift on the Yosemite restriction will be brought up at the next ops meeting, at which time anybody can raise an objection to formally announcing to the customer base that it is okay to install Yosemite.

Once we announce that the restriction has been lifted we will also make the Yosemite installation available in Casper Self Service.