Printing & Mailing move status

P&M move status update, as of 3/30/15 per Ben Shields:

  • Xerox 1000 (which replaced the iGen) and TR (the box that drives S1/S2) are all up and running
  • Ricoh color printer (C900?) still being worked on by vendor.
  • S2 is “up and running” but needs a part replaced (normal maintenance). Staff that use the S1/S2 are aware of this.
  • The following area are waiting on power, network, or furniture:
    • The “Secure Print” area (DVD burners, Kofax scanners)
    • Front reception desk
  • Wireless is still in progress, pending contractors completing work
  • Ben believes the printers are repointed and tested, but in case anyone calls in:
    • The Xerox 1000 is
    • The TR (S1 and S2 print queues) is
    • The iR3351 in the office area (“Customer service area”) is
    • The iR3351 in the production mailing area is
  • Holes in the firewall have been punched such that:
    • Print traffic from 128.193.25.x (Old P&M IP space, P&M Express Stop IP space) can get to the 10.130.x.y P&M hosts
    • Print traffic from 128.193.127.x (P&M Nypro public facing hosts) can get to the 10.130.x.y P&M hosts
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