OWA Upgrade Info

Just some info on a minor change to Outlook Web App.

The log in page has been changed up a bit, now reflecting the more current Outlook style. The changes are merely aesthetic, but may cause some confusion to users.

The log in form works mostly the same. You may either use your CN\username or first.last@oregonstate.edu to log in. The instructions to getting there are the same as well; exmail.oregonstate.edu -> Exchange Outlook Web App. The HelpDocs page has also been updated to reflect this change, and includes screenshots and examples. You may direct users to this if they have questions.

Also, the Private/Public computer option has been removed. The form will now automatically remember your Username, and your web browser will most likely ask you to save your password. We recommend to not save your password if the computer is used by multiple people. However it should be saved per Windows login account anyway, so as long as each user is switching their Windows logins then you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Lastly, the accessibility option for enabling the “Lite/Light” version of Outlook has been moved. To enable this feature, use the following instructions:

  1. Log into Outlook Web Access.
  2. Click on the Options drop-down menu at the top right hand side of the page just below your name and select “See All Options…”
  3. Click on Settings from the left hand navigation pane.
  4. Click on General at the top of the page.
  5. Under Accessibility, select the checkbox next to “Use the blind and low vision experience.
  6. Click Save at the bottom right hand side of the page.
  7. Restart your web browser and log back in. You should now be seeing the “light” version of the webmail client.

Of course if you have any questions, please contact the CN Call Center.


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