Limited Operations at Bench on 2/26 – Update

Telecom will be rewiring the network jacks on February 26, 2015.

During this time the Bench will be at limited to no functionality.

I will add to this post when I have more information.


We will have some functionality that day, but it will be limited.

What we can do:

Windows 7 Deployments from Ballard Hall

What we cannot do that day:


  • Win 8 Deployments
  • Mac Deployments
  • Everything else

I do not expect to be down for the entirety of the day, but I cannot make any guarantees. I fully expect to be back up and completely functional by the next day.

Additionally, we will have loaners prepped and ready for that day if the need arises for them.

I will be at the Bench all day while a few students will be placed over at Ballard Hall to help keep processes moving along. The rest of the Bench students will be visiting other functional areas that day for cross training. Arrangements for this are in progress and will be communicated once finalized.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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