Group members

David Noone, Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Amari Dolen-Carat (2017-) (OEAS, OSU) Research aimed to compare performance of a climate model  simulations with aircraft measurements of aerosol indirect effects associated with changes to clouds in the region of biomass burning in the south Atlantic.

Kyle Niezgoda (2016-) (OEAS, OSU) Research on causes of change in tropical rain patterns associated with SE Asian monsoon, pacific convergence zone, and north African convective centers during the Holocene, using climate model simulations to evaluate geochemical data.

Dean Henze (2016-) (OEAS, OSU) Research on the influence of biomass burning aerosols on stratiform clouds based on stable isotope ratio measurements obtained from aircraft flights in clouds.


Kaleb Horlick (MSc 2018)Research on variability of tropical overturning circulation and ocean conditions over the past 1000 years from climate reconstructions based on coral, tree ring and ice cores blended with climate models via data assimilation.

Aleya Kaushik (Masters 2013, PhD 2018) Research on land-atmosphere exchange of water and energy using observations from a tall tower compared to NCAR-CESM single column simulations of the boundary layer and land surface.

Jesse Nusbaumer (MSc 2011, PhD 2017) Research on  heavy precipitation in the western United States and using CESM to model the dynamics of moist filaments using isotopic information to identify water origins and atmospheric water recycling.

Tony Wong (PhD 2016)  Research constraining poorly known parameters in the NCAR land surface model via assimilation of station and remote sensing data with an ensemble Kalman filter and Bayesian methods.

Adriana Bailey  (MSc. 2010, PhD. 2014) Evaluating shallow convective mixing and precipitation processes using isotope ratios in water vapor. 

Derek Brown (MSc 2006, PhD 2011) Characteristics of Atmospheric Humidity Derived From Reanalyses and Stable Isotopic Measurements From Space)

Nicholas Buenning (MSc 2006, PhD 2010) The impact of hydrological and climatic variations on the oxygen-18 content of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Scott Gregory (MSc. 2006) Using global atmospheric models to evaluate isotope signals in ice cores, and performing statistical analyses of the representativeness of proxy climate records as a prelude to assimilation of ice core data with climate models.

John Wong (M.Sc. 2010, PhD 2013) Upper Tropospheric Ozone Enhancement during the North American Monsoon evaluated using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model with Chemistry (WRF-Chem).


Postdocs and research associates

John Hurley

Bronwen Konecky

Max Berkelhammer

Christopher Cox

Sally Langford

Mike O’Neill

Camille Risi

Hand-Christian Steen-Larsen

David Schneider

Visiting scientists

Christopher Still (on sabbatical)

Malcolm Hughes (on sabbatical)

Vivienne Payne

Dan Yakir (on sabbatical)


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