Why Lululemon Has Mastered the Art of Online Brand Management

I set up Google alerts for Lululemon
My search results keywords are: discount, profit, sale. Because it’s the black Friday discount season, most news and tips are about analyzing discounts and revenue for the event, as well as alerting consumers to brand discounts.

Here are my search results article title:

  • Why Lululemon Investors Should Watch Profit Margins When It Reports Earnings
  • Discount data shows that, unlike some brands, Lululemon Black Friday discounts are real
  • The best Lululemon Black Friday deals
  • Target, Best Buy and Lululemon were Thanksgiving weekend retail winners
  • Lululemon’s online-only ‘We Made Too Much’ sale is like Black Friday—but better

Is it right or wrong for a business to try to hide negative information online?

I think enterprises are right to try to hide their negative news on the Internet. First of all, the brand needs a public team to maintain its brand image, especially for some false rumors, the public relations team needs to use positive methods to eliminate the rumors. Secondly, for consumers, the negative image of a brand will be serious to their desire for consumption, so eliminating the negative news on the Internet will be more conducive to brand sales.

How Lululemon is Successfully Mastering their Online Brand Management?

Lululemon’s success in web management is in marketing it as the best pair of yoga pants. The brand value of infinite magnification, let the customer believe that understand the brand and believe in its value. At the same time, Lululemon is so concerned about the quality of its products that it has a professional team to study the ingredients of yoga pants and make them into the most skin-tight workout pants. Moreover, it has opened online stores to make it easier for customers to spend. During some discount seasons, online stores offer massive discounts, giving customers a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience.