June 10: This week in Trondheim

Back to regular life in Trondheim, now that the holidays and visits are done. Kids are going to school until June 21, Ted and I are going to work most days, although things are slowing down now that Ted is done teaching. We are going to make the most of our last month here, enjoying the every day activities and making time for special experiences.

I found a cheap ping pong set, so we’ve had a Sunday morning ping pong ritual for the last 2 weeks. The outdoor table is fun and challenging–a slight breeze gives the ball some extra movement! There is also a ping pong table at the kids’ school, so Anders has played with friends there too. He’s getting to darn good. In addition to playing a traditional game, we now play “Skinner,” where we see how many volleys we can get in a row, then try to break that record (from Principal Skinner from the Simpsons, trying to convince Bart that licking envelopes can be a fun game). Ted and I are the champs, with 87 volleys. On Monday, Ted and I went downtown to return the library key and retrieve our apartment key. A few pictures from our walk downtown. 

We ate lunch at a Thai place. It was so good–but so spicy for Ted! They have 3 levels: mild, sterk (strong/spicy) and Thai sterk (Thai-level spicy). We both ordered sterk, but Ted’s was maybe double-sterk. He was having a kind of spiritual experience, you can see it in his eyes. But he managed to finish his Pad Thai and ate the rest of my green curry, so he had a satisfying experience.

Then we went to Work Work, a co-working space. Although I don’t really understand the working aspect, because in addition to coffee, tea, and chips, they have 10 beers on tap, a full range of board games, video games, pin ball, shuffle board…so it’s good for a break from work work. We did work a bit, then played Pandemic Contagion.

The new burrito place in Trondheim is getting into the border-wall advertising game.

This weekend, Nora played in another small tournament with her soccer team. They are getting their medals, she is at the end putting it around her neck in the picture.

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