February 24-25: Skiing in Oppdal

We arrived home from our Nord-Norge Adventure on Friday evening. Then Ted and Anders got up early on Saturday and took off for Oppdal, about 1.5 hours by train, for a skiing weekend. Ted’s department was having a retreat there on Monday, so they could arrive on the weekend for some skiing before the retreat.

Nora and I stayed home on Saturday for a rest, neither of us are big skiers. We joined them on Sunday on the early train, then I brought the kids back home on Sunday evening so that they could go to school on Monday, and Ted stayed in Oppdal for the retreat.

Guest blogger, Anders:

Pappa and I needed to wake up pretty early to catch the train to Oppdal, but the trip was short so it was okay. When we arrived in Oppdal we could not see a cab so we decided to walk, it did not look far. It was far. When we finally arrived at what looked like the main place, we found out that there were not rentals there. So we asked the lady at the front desk to call us a cab. We waited maybe

15 minutes for the car until we decided to walk again. It was a 2 mile walk uphill. when we got to the other lodge we did find the rentals. After some more bad luck, we started skiing. We started off on a blue hill, that was a mistake. I crashed pretty hard but I was fine. The lifts were incredibly slow, we timed it and it took 13 minutes for a green hill. Pappa got a lot of snow in his beard.

The hotel was nice, we ate at a diner. The second day was very snowy. Maybe only a tenth of the people were there that day. We skied the same routes for a while, then pappa found out that you could find little jumps so we did those (at this point there was a lot of Napoleon Dynamite quoting). We got some sick air. I was going off a jump when I hit a padded pole.  I was ok.

Back to Christy:

It started snowing on Saturday night in Trondheim. When Nora and I left the house at 6:30am on Sunday to take the bus to the train station, we were the first ones to walk through several inches of snow! It just kept snowing, and was snowing so much that it was snowing in the train between the cars!

It was snowing just as much when we arrived in Oppdal, so the skiers were happy about the powder, but it was hard to see
your skis or anything in front of you. The boys had been skiing for awhile by the time Nora and I arrived. We got Nora suited up with skis and Ted helped her down the kid hill a few times. I wasn’t feeling comfortable with skiing that day, I like cross country but the conditions and the hill were feeling like too much for me. She has only skied a few times before, so after figuring out the lift and giving it a try, she was pretty proud of herself for slowing going down from the top
of the kid hill with long back and forth paths down. Ted and Anders wanted to go back to the green hills, so I stood down at the bottom and encouraged Nora as she came down on her own.

The snow eventually slowed down and the sky cleared. It was a beautiful day. The lifts closed at 4:00, so we hit the restaurant at the ski facility, then went to Ted’s hotel room for a rest before the train back home.
We got home around 9:30 and had a good night sleep!

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