And more February 22: Meals at Sorrisniva

Nord-Norge Adventure Part 5: Sorrisniva Meals

Sorrisniva is also a destination for excellent local and wild-caught or gathered foods. The menu and the map showedwhere foods come from in the region, and tasting plates with local foods that came before the meal. I could also chat with the server about where foods come from and what is grown there.

A 3-course dinner came with our package, so we had choice of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. We strategized so that we could taste almost everything!

Before appetizers the server brought 3 different tasting plates for everyone that highlighted local foods. The first was local cheese, a bit of dried smoked reindeer heart, and potato chips made from potatoes grown at a farm we passed on our way to Sorrisniva.

Next was a bite of fresh halibut with pomegranate seeds and herb oil. Then 2 fresh shrimp, head-on as usual to freak out the kids, with dill and lemon.

Our appetizers were grouse, mushrooms, brussels sprout, red currant and grouse sauce. The grouse was very tender and delicious. Anders had smoked baked salmon and dried cauliflower. Ted had crab with creamed cabbage (not pictured, I didn’t get much by way of picture or tastes of Ted’s food. He was farthest from me at the table and wasted no time).

Main courses: Anders had the reindeer with celery, mushrooms, kale, and blueberry gravy. He has the special Sami-made knife, not some regular old steak knife. Also so tender.
Ted has the poached halibut with mussel and asparagus. I had the panfried cod with smoked butter sauce and potato crumble, pea cream, mushrooms, and red wine glazed beets. There was an extra plate of fried potatoes for everyone on the side. Nora ordered excellent fish and chips from the kids menu.

We also got dessert! The kids and I all had different types of sorbet selections. I had chocolate cream with lingonberry and snøfrisk (like a cream cheese). The kids had rhubarb, strawberries, pear, snøfrisk, maybe a few more. Ted had a cloudberry tart, again I didn’t get a look or a bite of that!

Breakfast is buffet style with many great options, mainly the traditional Norwegian bread with cheese, meat, jam, but with a more extensive and adventurous selection. I finally tried some pickled herring with breakfast, just a bite, with port marinade. I can’t bring myself to try any of the tomato sauce versions, especially at breakfast. They also had some eggs, bacon, and vaffler.

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