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  • Blog Post #3

    Strengths A strength of this class would be opportunity to apply the skills we’ve learned in the program and build a software tool that’s the culmination of all of our learning and skills we’ve picked up during the program. For some, this project will be the most comprehensive project they’ve worked on to date and […]

  • Blog Post #2

    https://unsplash.com/photos/black-laptop-computer-turned-on-on-table-vpOeXr5wmR4 My favorite technology from my project, Opinionated Project Management, would have to be Javascript. Thanks to the versatility of Javascript and the myriad of tools available to Javascript developers, our team is able to take full advantage and write our entire project in Javascript. While not everyone in our team necessarily knew Javascript, it […]

  • About me

    You might be wondering what this blog is about. Well I’m not sure either, so I guess I’ll give you some insight into how I got here and what’s to come. I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer, but never thought much of it. My father was an aerospace engineer and always stressed the […]

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