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  • Blog Post #4

    How do you work through being “stuck” on a problem? The first step for me is usually Googling the problem. This frequently takes me to stack overflow, or possibly the documentation if I’m using a library. Talking to teammates can also be a big help. How do you approach learning something new, like a new […]

  • Blog post 3.

    How is the journey so far? Well, it’s okay. Our project is based on getting an open source financial engine called Quant Connect Lean to run algorithms. We’re using a bit of python code and a library called pymoo to try to optimize the algorithms. Unfortunately, we’ve found that Lean is exceptionally difficult to use. […]

  • Blog Post #2

    Our project is an industry project that builds off of previous capstone projects. So our choice of technology is somewhat constrained to those of our predecessors. The main technology that we’re using is a Python algorithm that will drive our backend. Our goal is to host our project in the cloud using AWS, and we […]

  • Blog Post 1

    The purpose of this blog post is to introduce myself and to answer a few questions about my expectations for CS467. My name is Charles Cal, but I typically go by Joey (based on my middle name). My first degree was in Chemistry, but I didn’t get a chance to use that, as I joined […]

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