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  • Why I’m Leaving Physical Therapy (Part 2)

    Physical therapy has barely changed since Sister Elizabeth Kenny was treating polio patients by applying hot compresses and passively moving their legs. That was around 100 years ago. Sure, certain fads have come and gone, but the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of physical therapy remain largely unchanged. Many of the treatments we use today are […]

  • Why I’m Leaving Physical Therapy (Part 1)

    I haven’t really shared my career transition with very many people. When I tell my friends and family, they are very supportive. I think they see how unhappy I am with my current line of work and understand how an actual STEM field is much, much better-suited to my personality, career goals and interests. When […]

  • A little about me. A little too much, actually.

    Hello, there. I’m Chad. I’ve been a physical therapist for about the last nine or 10 years now. For a multitude of reasons, I’ve decided to make a career change to something that better-aligns with my personal and professional goals as well as provides a working environment better-suited to my personality. I actually came to […]

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