Rachel DeLauder @rdelaude

How ARE people actually running their web teams in higher ed?

Rachel conducted surveys, 1 on 1 interviews to find out more

Most teams struggle to find balance and spend a lot of their time maintaining content.

Two types of web teams – MarComm based and IT based
Marcomm more slick, consistant with brand messaging
IT based more around load times, permissions, etc.

How can we improve: (these things make it better in an ideal world):

  • Single leader who was held accountable
  • Having an editor in chief
  • Supported by web specialists who have a stake in the process.
  • Distributed authors and SMEs that understand the goals and UX of the site.

Workflows in units by expertise, not by org chart.

SMEs to edit text, specialists to build pages.

Outsource hosting and maintenance.

Develop a “Lines in the Sand” matrix for the CAS Web Team (slide 46).

Infiltrate committee meetings


  • We are not alone.
  • Develop a matrix to show users.
  • Convince units to assign web person based on interest?
  • Keep track of working time to show leadership what we are actually doing?