Talks I attended

Day 1

New Major – American Cool (Watch It)

Kenn Elmore, Dean of Students, Boston University 

How to keep it smart-and simple

Michael Freedman, Director of Editorial and Content, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Get with the program: Content strategy for program, major, and degree pages (slides)

Doug Gapinski, Strategist at mStoner

Rethinking mobile learning & the promise of flying cars

Andrew Smyk, Program Coordinator, Sheridan College

No content strategy? Try some content tactics (Watch It)

Lori Packer, Web Editor, University of Rochester

Lightning Talks (Watch Them

Note: they are all pretty good but start the video at 38:00 for the most entertaining talk. I have watched this more than once and laughed super hard.

Day 2

Show Your Work (Watch It

Austin Kleon, Author of Steal Like An Artist

The voyage of the beagle: Biology, evolution, and content strategy

Jeff Stevens, Assistant Web Manager, University of Florida Health Web Services

Ready, fire, aim: Putting first things first when you want results

Tom Taylor and Tony Proudfoot, Ball State 

Cardsorting for humanities: Context in usability testing (Watch It

Robin Smail, Penn State 

Non-invasive governance: Meeting people where they are

Shelley Keith, Director of Digital Communications, University of Mary Washington