Week 10 – Most Important Things Learned

I believe that the most important thing that I have learned from this class is the process of closing in the hiring process from week 9 content focusing on more of the HR perspective rather than the candidate perspective. As this can be showing the candidate the value, you can bring to them within the organization and convince them to accept the job offer. As we have learned there are numerous steps in the recruitment and selection process as this can entail, the hiring process crafting up job descriptions, posting the position, selecting candidates, recruiting, choosing the methods to select candidates, etc. There is a lot of work that is put in throughout the recruitment and selection process which can be very costly and timely for a company. Therefore, it can be very disappointing to lose out on a candidate that is very qualified during the last leg of the process who may be reluctant and considering their other offers.

To add, I think is very important on being able to secure the best candidates for the position as not only has the company gone through all the work so, but also has the candidate. It’s very important during the hiring process to sell the position to the reluctant applicant and one way to do this can be by focusing on The Five F’s (fit, family, freedom, fortune, and fun) and how the job can appeal to the candidate in different areas of their life. As candidates may not have the same importance of these variables.

Furthermore, I think that when this is done it can show the candidate that there is a genuine interest in them in their personal life and not only about who they are on paper. It fosters better connections and relations between the candidate and the company. As ultimately, the applicant has the final decision. Alongside, coming from the candidate’s perspective, I do think that if the company showed they valued and cared for me on a deeper level I would be more likely to take the position if it aligned with my values and wants.

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