Week 7 – IPIP Results & Reactions

The personality test that I took was the IPIP-NEO Narrative and my results indicated of the five domains:

Extraversion – 11
Agreeableness – 71
Conscientiousness – 40 
Neuroticism – 24
Openness to Experience – 2

Looking at my results I do think that it was accurate as I am someone that is more introverted, quiet, and comfortable around people that I already know. However, I do think that I do warm up to other’s once I feel more comfortable. As well, in terms of agreeableness this was very high, and I do think that I score high on this because I am one that does not like confrontation and conflict. I would rather, get along and compromise with others.

To add, in terms of conscientiousness I do think that I am someone that is very rational and strategic in the way that I act and carry myself which was not surprising I scored high in this category. Next, when it comes to neuroticism, I scored low, and I do think that a reason for this that by nature I am very calm and try to find peace in all aspects of my life. As I put a lot of focus on my mental health and self-care which helps me remain composed. Lastly, when it came to openness to experience my score was very low indicating that I am more conservative and practical which was surprising as I didn’t think I would score that low.

In terms of an employer’s perspective, a strength they would notice would be in agreeableness and conscientiousness. As this can indicate that I am a strong candidate in terms of working with others and have a strong interest in other’s need and well – being. As well, they would notice that I am someone that is very conscience in the way that I act, and I am very self-aware and rational with my decision-making process. Which would give employers more comfort knowing that I would not act irrationally in the workplace.

One the other hand, they would also notice that I scored low on extraversion and openness which could be a downside. As this could indicate to them that I am not willing to step outside of my comfort zone and engage with others as much and or be hesitant to change and adaption in the workplace which is not great during the hiring process. 

Overall, I do think that these tests can give more insights to a candidate and their personality. However, I think that they are not always the best measure of the candidate as results could be skewed based on when someone takes the test and or selecting a specific answer could influence outcomes. Rather, I think when evaluating someone for a position a more holistic approach should be taken to see if they fit in with the company and the requirements of the position. 

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