Week 5 Blog Post – Typical vs. Maximal Performance

When faced with the decision to hire Avery or Jamie I would proceed with hiring Jamie. My reason for hiring Jamie is that she is not producing below level work on a daily basis like Avery. Rather she is occasionally when it comes to critical situations. As a hiring manager and employee, I would rather work with someone that is willing to put the work in and add value to the company. Rather than hiring someone that is stagnant in their work and can lack motivation. To add, I do think that I am more inclined to hire Jamie because she has proven that she has the abilities and skills to consistently preform. She has shown that she is willing to put in the work to produce good work and is committed to the organization. However, to add with the lack above and beyond work in critical situations can be addressed to combat this issue more easily than fixing Avery’s lack of motivation. 

In terms of a type of job that it would be better to hire someone like Avery that has high potential but, poor consistency would be a job that does not rely on consistency or can be considered low stake with a high reward. A few examples of jobs can be customer service positions, positions that have peak hours such as being server, bartender, and or being a sales representative. As all these positions do not require extensive efforts to do and if they do maximum effort can be seen with a reward occasionally depending on how hard she wants to work. 

On the other hand, a type of job where it would be better to hire Jamie who is has low potential but, high consistency would be an accounting, data entry, and or an administrative assistant. As this position require repetition and systemized ways that need to be followed to better ensure organizations are running it would be better to hire someone like Jamie. As there needs to be consistency in the quality of work over high potential because of the services that are being provided and the impact of having accurate services provided.  

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2 replies on “Week 5 Blog Post – Typical vs. Maximal Performance”

Cassidie, I completely agree with your in regards to what kind of job you’d hire each individual to perform. High capacity people are going to be excellent at jobs at that have a high degree of separability compared to lower performers. Low capacity folks will thrive in environments that require consistency over high skills. Which one you prefer is purely opinion but I think I take the opposite opinion from you and would select Avery.

Hi Cassidie,
I enjoyed reading your blog post. I think you have a great point that from a managers perspective, someone that is willing to put the work in is the person who will add value to the company. I felt like hiring Jaime was the best decision as well. I would rather have someone that is consistent rather than someone who sometimes goes above and beyond. I felt like customer service was best for typical performance because one bad interaction can change someone’s perspective on a brand, but you make a good point about there being peak hours and shorter shifts.

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