Week 4: Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

In terms of my brand presence as a potential employee I would like to be known professional, kind, open – minded, and eager to learn. As someone who has recently just got their first full – time position and entering the workforce I want to make good first impression with those that I interact and engage with right of the bat. 

I would like to show others I am motived, willing to work, adaptable in the workplace. Not only, my natural demeanor is very relaxed by nature when interacting with others and detail oriented. As I am someone that does not get frustrated easily as I am someone that takes the time to analyze situations before acting on them without rational. 

To add, as someone that is more of an introvert, I do think that it does comes with time to get me to be more outgoing with people I don’t know. However, this is a skill that I can work on to be more outgoing and step out of my comfort zone. 

In terms of presenting myself as a creative situation I do think that I would present with a simplistic yet professional poster. As I do think for me the focus would be on the design and aesthetic of the poster. This poster could be distributed in person and or posted online within my social media accounts. Within this poster I do think that I would place an image of what I look like surrounded by a slogan that represents my brand. As this slogan could be something like “Young, eager, and willing to work” which would be catchy enough to get the attention of viewers. 

Additionally, I do think that the poster would be filled with hues of blues and bring colors that are appealing to the eye. Colors that align with my brand identity and ones that look professional. Also, within the poster I do think that I would have a short text box that explains how I can bring value to solving problems and reference to skills that I can use. As this could be detail oriented, quick responses, analytical, strong communication, etc. Lasty, within the poster I would incorporate my contact information for people to get in touch.

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One reply on “Week 4: Critiquing a Recruitment Ad”

Hi Cassidie,
I enjoyed reading your blog post this week and thought you did an excellent job expanding on what your brand would be. I agreed with what you said that making a good first impression is crucial and one of the most important aspects when meeting possible future employers. I think the way you described your brand was very effective and think that you have a very marketable personality to any future employer. I also liked your creative ad and thought that by keeping it simple you would be able to get your message across effectively. Overall, great blog post and thanks for sharing!

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