Week 3: Job Descriptions

In terms of the last job, I had and the job description I would say that it did influence my decision to apply for the position. As this job was for an on-campus job being a front desk support and tutor within the International Living Learning Center (ILLC). The job description influenced me to apply as it was very detailed and comprehensive in terms of the expectations and requirements of the job. Along with the timeline and direction of how to apply and who to contact for the position. Some of the responsibilities could be assisting with book check out, customer service, tutoring English courses, conversing with students, assisting operations of the Learning Center, etc. 

In terms, of my experience on the job and the job description I would say that it was very closely aligned. As for the majority of the job’s requirements were fulfilled daily which were requirements to efficiently run the center daily and provide tutoring services. As the job as a whole is very repetitive and the complexity is low by nature.

However, I do think that not all responsibilities were listed and or preformed each day. Reason being that depending on the week of term there could be more demands for tutoring services and activities in the Learning Center on campus. As this this could be seen in special requests based on student needs and teacher demands. As other responsibilities were added which were not included in the job description such setting up classroom space or scheduling more tutoring or assisting in teacher’s classroom directly. 

Lastly, I do not have a copy of the specific job description. However, I do think that would reappear on the OSU job posting website once positions are open. 

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