Ever see random people standing on the corner of a street with a sign that says: “Free Hugs”? Well believe it or not National Hug Day is a non-public holiday that occurs on the 21st of January. The purpose of this holiday is to help everyone show more emotion in public by offering “free” hugs to anyone and everyone you want.

Kevin Zaborney is credited for creating this holiday. An interesting fact about National Hug Day is that the date, January 21 marks the midpoint between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Studies show that at this midpoint everyone is at their emotional low. With National Hug Day everyone who is embarrassed to show their feelings in public can change that with a simple hug whether it is from a family member, someone you know or even from a complete stranger.

Wondering what the benefits of hugging are? Studies have shown that human contact has many benefits; it improves both physical and psychological development. Hugging also helps to build and maintain healthy immune systems. Hugging someone can also help them if they are having a bad day; you never know what a simple hug can do for someone. This National Hug Day is practiced all over the world because hugging is simply a kind gesture.

So don’t forget to participate in this Holiday, and don’t forget that even though it may not be National Hug Day someone could always use a hug!

Posted by Hulali Kaapana, Career Services Career Assistant