Posted by:  Rachel Erickson, OSU Senior and Career Services Career Assistant

The transition from college to a career allows us to expand.  Expand our skill sets, our knowledge, and for many of us, our closet.  The clothes many of us wear to classes do not fit the dress code at many of our future jobs.  When it comes time to interview for positions, or attend Career Fairs, it is important to make a good first impression.  Like it or not, much of the first impression comes from appearance.  Even if the position you are applying for is with an organization that dresses quite casually, it is necessary to dress up for your interview or networking opportunity if you want to make a good impression.  Investing in a conservative, solid colored suit is a wise decision.  Your appearance is more than just what you are wearing however.  Making sure your nails are trimmed and your hair is neatly groomed is also important.  For further information on appropriate interview attire for both men and women go to THIS WEBSITE.   You can also schedule a MOCK Interview with a counselor at Career Services and wear your interview attire to get a professional’s opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Career Fair Coming–Do you Have the Right Outfit?

  1. This is so true.

    I just heard a story today of a job seeker that wore slacks, tie and a sports jacket to an interview for a driving truck position for a local nursery. The HR Manager was taken back and shocked that he dressed up, but he stood out in her mind when she was making the hiring decision. Needless to say he was hired and has been working there for a couple weeks now.

  2. “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

    I love this post – it reminds me that appearance (how you present yourself) and preparation are SO important in the interview process. Dressing up for your interview lets potential employers know you are serious about the position, and more importantly yourself. Always remember to be yourself, but do realize that attire, like it or not, is definitely a factor in the interviewers first impression.

    I was recently hired by an agency that is very casual. Knowing this, I still dressed up for the interview and the first few weeks. Something about showing up the 2nd day on the job in jeans just didn’t feel right!

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