Building a strong Corvallis campus with collaboration and creativity

Rick Freeman, Construction Manager for Project Delivery

by Abbie Leland

Structured and inclusive decision-making leaves plenty of room for creativity and collaboration when it comes to construction projects at OSU. It can also help ensure that projects generate effective results. This principle, included in the Division of Finance and Administration’s Framework for Success initiative, is showcased by the Project Delivery team, part of University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations.

Construction Manager Rick Freeman, part of the Project Delivery team, says it’s not easy to describe his job in a nutshell because of the many steps and processes involved in projects of all sizes, costing from $50,000 to $100 million.

Construction managers team up with a project manager on larger construction and renovation projects and collaboratively manage a project from design development through to the completed construction of a facility. For smaller projects, the construction manager takes on both roles.

“CMs are the day-to-day point of contact during the construction phase,” Freeman said.

Collaboration is an everyday element of construction management work. The entire Project Delivery team works with external design and construction groups, manages project budgets and works with the City of Corvallis for permitting and code guidelines.

Freeman has memories of each and every project in his 12 years of working at OSU.

“Whether I am driving through the intersection of 26th and Western Boulevard, seeing the OSU gateway sign or watching OSU Softball and seeing the new turf under the new lights, walking by the Memorial Union under the glass canopy and through the Student Experience Center or down Jefferson to Furman Hall, all my projects, small or large, have memories,” he said.

Freeman’s time at OSU extends beyond his work. Born and raised in Corvallis, he spent much of his childhood attending sporting events, riding his bike through the Corvallis campus or playing video games and bowling at the MU.

“So the fact that I get to work at a place where I spent a lot of time as a child is very special,” he said. “I enjoy that, as a construction manager, I get to be involved in projects that improve campus by remodeling buildings or adding new ones.”

He added that he works with a dedicated team at UFIO that’s passionate about bettering the university and creating an amazing experience for students, employees and visitors.

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