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  • CS462 Blog Post 2

    TAG Team is nearly completed with Sprint 1 of CS462. We’re making steady progress in developing our Text Adventure Game for Education. This project has forced me to learn a lot of new technologies and become more comfortable with some technologies that I’d worked with briefly in the past. For example, I’d had some experience […]

  • CS462 Blog Post #1

    This week I looked a little deeper into clean code and avoiding code smells. An article posted to medium.com details some good practices for keeping code clean. One thing from this article that I would like to start doing more often is YAGNI, or “You Ain’t Gonna Need It”. “Instead of trying to fulfill a […]

  • Blog Post #3

    We’re in the last few days of Fall 2023 and CS 461. In hindsight the course did a great job using the explorations and assignments to guide us through the beginning stages of project development. It was nice to have some practical guidance on things like effective design and prototyping that could be put to […]

  • Blog Post #2

    The team and I have made steady progress in how we want to implement our Cross-platform Personal Trainer App. We have a list of 12 functional areas that we’re hoping to implement to build out our app. We’ve divvied them out amongst ourselves and I will be primarily responsible for the In-App Tutorials and Guides, […]

  • Initial Post

    Hello everyone! My name is Nathan Cahoy and I’m from Minneapolis, MN. In my free time I enjoy hiking, gaming, watching sports (even though all Minnesota sports teams are cursed), and spending time with my girlfriend and our two dogs Bailey and Buddy. I’ve been taking classes at OSU Ecampus since September 2021 and I’ve […]

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