Job Application Experiences

The last job I applied for was in the labor union office of a cable network company in China. I learned about the job description through the campus job fair and submitted my resume via their website. I selected three positions from the job description that are most suitable for my undergraduate major for application. These positions require me to have some elementary skills and communication skills. I have learned from my predecessors that the matching degree between position and major is very important in a job application. All HR staff of companies want to hire the most suitable employees. In the interview, there are three professional interviewers opposite me. The first few questions were about personal Office skills, such as writing ability, using Office software. Then, I was asked some questions about my major and my expectation of the job and compensation. I’m trying to look relaxed and confident, and the biggest motivator for me is the nod of approval from the interviewer. I finally got an internship opportunity.

Looking back on the application process, I think it is crucial to prepare well and adjust my mentality before application. How to present my strengths and abilities in a limited time is very important. My interviewer gave me a detailed description of each position and guided me to introduce my relevant knowledge. In short, they know exactly what kind of employees they want to recruit and help candidates understand how to add value to the company. My desire for the company increased during the interview.

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