Will you work abroad?

Working in another country is very complicated, and I don’t just think about whether this opportunity will help my career. After all, work is not the whole of my life. Before deciding whether or not to work abroad, there are three factors that I most care about.

First, what I need to think about most is my family. Working abroad means that I have little chance to see my family, so I need to get their support. Besides, I also need to consider my future wife’s job and my future children’s education, which are the most important factors affecting whether I choose to work abroad or not. Second, I need to consider the living habits and culture. Working in a foreign country does not mean that I only have a job; I need to know whether I can adapt to the local culture and living habits. I have experienced difficulties with different cultures and habits, and I don’t want to go through that again. Third, I need to consider the compensation and benefits. Salary and benefit systems vary greatly in different countries, so I have to consider my salary and the local cost of living. I don’t want my quality of life to go down too much.

In conclusion, I have no objection to working abroad, but I will consider many factors before deciding.