Northwest Farm Credit- Job ORG Report

Northwest Farm Credit is a large customer-owned cooperative. (A cooperative is a business owned and operated for those using its service) There are 45 branches located throughout the Northwest.
The company has a 14 member board of directors making it more democratic. However, each of those 14 members all have different positions in separate sections of the company.
Depending on the position you may have to work in teams. If you have a position of a loan officer, or a relationship manager you will have to work together and will possibly need to add more employees to get the correct loan needed for your customer.
During the work day you will be required to wear professional attire. It is a “bank” and all employees will need to look appropriate. It would look unprofessional if the employees were in jeans and sweats walking through the office.
There are 45 branches located throughout the Northwest. A few of the branches are close to Corvallis, like Eugene and Salem. If you lived in Eugene it would be very similar to living in Corvallis weather wise. The have many middle schools,high schools,and University of Oregon. Because it is a bigger city there is more traffic throughout. The average cost of living for a 3 bedroom apartment in the city is around $1500.00 a month. There is an average amount of crime within the city but on the outskirts the crime rate is higher.
The company has no signs of controversy or lawsuits. They are know for being a cooperative and taking a personal interest in their customers. Something unique about them is their specialty in all facets of Agriculture.
They do not have a mission statement but they do have a purpose “Improve the lives of customers and employees, the communities where we work and raise our families, and the Northwest agriculture, food and fiber industries that perform a vital role in the United States and around the world.”
They are from the 99 year old farm credit system, and there are no famous people working there.
If someone who was looking for a job I would tell them to have an interest in agriculture. This company is based off the happiness and success of its customers and to not know anything, or not caring about the agriculture industry would jeopardize the companies reputation.

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