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The Denver Broncos is a football organization based in you guessed it, Denver CO. The Broncos are a huge franchise that has a hierarchy management system, with the owner of the team being at the top, and employees such as concession workers near the bottom. Under this hierarchic setup all employees work under several different layers of different teams.

The culture of the business is a mixture of formal and casual. Formal in a sense that the upper management still have to dress in business attire and act professional since they are in an office setting. Other position at the company such as the players and trainers work outside mainly and usually wear active wear. This mix of work place culture easily matches the feel of the city of Denver, very big business epicenter but at the same time a cultural and outdoorsy world.

Denver has a range of living situations, from rural areas all the way to upper class living spaces. The climate is fairly cold in the winter including months of snow, and hot in the summer, perfect for year round outdoors fun. On a worse note about what seems to be the golden city, the crime rating of Denver is 12, meaning Denver is only safe then 12% of the cities in the United States.

Being apart of the greater NFL franchise, the Broncos are not new to controversy and scandal. With a plethora of famous athletes, it is no surprise that cheating rumors, drugs, and other cliche football problems. Although the Broncos are constantly in the lime light of sports fans, whether for good or for bad, this has not dampened the spirits of the fans or staff at all.

All though the franchise itself has never had a direct history with any specific philanthropies, many different employees, players and higher up members, are all associated with a wide variety of charitable foundations. For example, quarterback and the face of the team, Peyton Manning, has often participated in events for children encouraging them to get outdoors and play.

The mission statement includes things about the success of the team and also about the maintaining the longevity of the players and other employees. Like stated in the statement, the history of the company is very successful, with multiple super bowl wins, constant success throughout the seasons and has always had a star. Just to name a few people associated with the Broncos, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow and by far the most famous quarterback, John Elway, who is now the General Manager, putting him close to the top of the hierarchy.

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My name is Tessa and I’m from a small town in California called Pacific Grove. I am a sophomore at Oregon State University studying to be a physical therapist later in life. I love to watch football, surf, hike and paddle board. In fact, I love football so much I intend on spending the rest of my life dedicating my career to the sport.

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