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Spartz  November 7th, 2015

Spartz is an online journalism type company that has many different branching websites. The business was created by Emerson Spartz, and is based in Chicago, Illinois. It’s a fairly big business, with multiple smaller business running underneath it. The companies are all linked to and come from Spartz, though.

The members work both in teams, and alone, depending on the project or assignment. There is no dress code, and the environment is very relaxed. For example, the work space has couches in case members need a nap before getting back to work. They have an inside office, but there’s plenty of natural light coming in from south facing windows. They also have other things to help with creativity and motivation, such as brightly coloured fish tanks.

The company helps its employees by giving an unlimited budget that members can use for learning materials. The company also has book clubs and scholar presentations for the members so they can get to learn new things and hopefully find a creative spark in what they’re hearing.

The company is in downtown Chicago, and is close to the El and multiple public transit options, which makes it easy to get to. The overall cost of living in Chicago is 17% higher than the national average, but the city has all four seasons that the people can enjoy.

The company was started by Emerson Spartz, who dropped out of school when he was 12 so he could self-teach himself. This ended up with him creating Spartz Media 10 years later. He has stayed with the company since then, and is still working alongside other members and employees.

If someone wanted to work here, they would need to know how to properly write, and they would need to be willing to move to Chicago. Even though all of the work is done online, the base is in Illinois, and that’s where all of the work is.

Author Bio  November 2nd, 2015

Anna Bielss is a sophomore in English at Oregon State University. She loves to write creative fiction, play piano, sing, and watch scary movies.