What has left an impression?

The most interesting topic that we covered over the course of the quarter to me was the unit on cognitive and non-cognitive predictors.  Specifically, I think going over the various utilizations of personality, integrity, testing and the questions of its validity, the potential of applicants faking results, is intriguing in their applications. Where cognitive tests… Continue reading What has left an impression?


What am I good at? This is kind of a weird question to consider because I don’t really like up-playing my traits. However, I guess I am a really good learner. No matter what it is, be it a new sport or topic, I tend to get the gist of it decently quickly and have… Continue reading Self-reflection

IPIP Results

When taking the IPIP test I got average scores in extraversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness. I then scored low in both openness and agreeableness. To break it down, I’m right down the middle between wanting to be social or not, people can see me as uncompromising, I’m reasonably reliable and self-controlled, I’m averagely emotionally balanced, and… Continue reading IPIP Results

The tortoise and the hare

I think when considering whether you want someone with a high potential for work performance, but low consistency, over someone with low maximums but a higher on average performance you really need to consider the nature of your business and whether those characteristics are important in the context of the position that employee might need… Continue reading The tortoise and the hare

My Brand

I think the best portion of myself that’s important for others to recognize is adaptability and being a quick learner. I think that this is best shown through the stories and experiences I mention in things like cover letters and the resume to very quickly lay down that first impression. I say this because no… Continue reading My Brand

CDM’s job description

The first job I ever had where I got legitimately paid was working the admissions desk at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Admittedly, I was 17 when I applied and I mainly discovered the position as I had done the summer camp there the year prior and figured I was familiar enough with… Continue reading CDM’s job description

My application experience

I recently applied for a position in the customer service logistic role at Stahlbush Farms in Corvallis, Oregon. right of the bat, I applied for this role through the online platform Handshake. When I was given a call, I had a nice conversation with one of the recruiters there. She asked me a couple questions… Continue reading My application experience

Hello world!

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