Getting My Feet Wet with JUCE

This week, some learning and coding began with JUCE. JUCE is a tool used to develop audio applications, and is built on the C++ language. There were a few initial items I wanted to learn with JUCE, namely building a UI, loading and playing audio, and looping audio. Designing the User Interface The first task… Continue reading Getting My Feet Wet with JUCE

Choosing an Audio Library

Now that C++ has become our choice for software architecture, it is time to decide how to implement the many features needed to work with audio. While all features are possible to do by hand, this alone could become a year-long project, and capable libraries already exist. But what libraries to use? There are two… Continue reading Choosing an Audio Library

Designing an Audio Loop Station

This week, I was assigned my Capstone project, designing an Audio Loop Station. What is an audio loop station? Traditionally, it is a piece of hardware that allows artists to record short (generally 16 beat) loops that will then repeat indefinitely. The user then records multiple loops, so they layer on top of each other.… Continue reading Designing an Audio Loop Station