Celebrating 50 years of Sea Grant across the US

50th-feature-photo-1_0This week marks the start of Sea Grant’s 50th anniversary year, highlighting how the program has been “putting science to work for America’s coastal communities” since the 1960s.

The goal is to raise awareness of Sea Grant programs across the nation and our efforts to apply research and community engagement tactics to bring about positive results for coastal communities in the areas of healthy coastal ecosystems, resilient communities and economies, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture and environmental literacy and workforce development.

As one of the first three Sea Grant programs established in the years just after Lyndon B. Johnson signed the National Sea Grant College and Program Act as a way of directing federal resources to pressing problems in ocean, coastal and Great Lakes communities, Oregon Sea Grant has helped lead the way.

We’re taking this anniversary as an opportunity to showcase some of the people, programs and partnerships that are bringing about positive change on Oregon’s coast. We’ll be sharing stories about how Sea Grant works with a variety of stakeholders on pressing topics ranging from earthquake and tsunami preparedness to helping coastal communities and businesses prepare for and adapt to a changing climate.

To learn more:

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