Heceta Head Coastal Conference Student Poster Winners

Student poster session, Heceta Head Coastal ConferenceCongratulations to the student poster winners for the 7th Annual Heceta Head Coastal Conference

Here are the names of the winners and the titles of their posters.

Katelyn Bosley
Population Assessment of Burrowing Shrimp in Yaquina Bay, Oregon
Katelyn is a Fisheries Science student at OSU and works at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in conjuction with Brett Dumbald of the USDA and with Andrew Hill of the Biology Departmenat at Portland Community College.

Tom Calvanese
Movement Behavior of Fishes of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve
Tom is a PhD student in Fisheries & Wildlife at Oregon State University. To learn more about Tom’s project, visit his fishtracker website.

Caitlyn Clark
Seasonal Variation in Gut Condition of Select Juvenile Flatfish Species
Caitlyn is an undergradate (REU) student working with Sarah Henkel at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Kira Treibergs
Growth and settlement of the marine bryozoan Schizoporella japonica
Kira is from the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (and co-creator of their awesome t-shirt)

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