Devon’s Capstone Project Blog

  • Getting Stuck and Unstuck… and Stuck Again!

    One of my favorite ways to learn something new is to just dive right in and try it out. And while this is my favorite way, it’s not often what I end up actually doing. Most of the time what I prefer to do is look at a few tutorials, and follow along, while adding […]

  • Team Communication & Project Updates

    When we came up with our team standards, my team all agreed that Discord would be our preferred communication platform, as we were all quite familiar with it. We also all met in the Unofficial OSU Postbacc Discord server, so it just made sense. We also decided that primarily asynchronous communication, mostly chat, would be […]

  • Technology and Design Features

    For our Capstone project, my team is building an Augmented Reality Arcade Classics app. Because not all of us have the same mobile operating system (one of us is on Android, the other two on iOS), we wanted to make sure that we all had the ability to test our project on our own hardware. […]

  • Introduction

    Hello! My name is Devon, I live in the Boston area. When I was 12, I tried to become a viral Sims 3 blogger. Needless to say, I failed at that. Nonetheless, I think I’ll have a good time writing a blog for this course, I just have to channel my inner child. I chose […]

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