Baby steps

It’s happened to everyone. You just came out of the meeting and the task seemed so clear. Sitting back at your desk though, you realize how much handwaving was going on. What seemed like detailed steps was really just:1) Plan the app 2) Build the app 3) Launch the app It all seemed so clear… Continue reading Baby steps

How much does your job cost?

Current events have me thinking a lot about what makes a job “desirable.” Headlines everywhere declare that the US is facing the worst labor shortage in decades. Many employers say there is just no one applying, especially for front-line positions. I am not an economist. I will not attempt to break down why things are… Continue reading How much does your job cost?

Justin’s blog

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Justin, and I am a software engineer at Philips. I currently live in Seattle with my partner and two dogs. The purpose of this blog is two-fold. 1) Document my progress in my OSU computer science capstone. 2) Provide context for who I am as a… Continue reading Justin’s blog